NEW: Ankelz taking on challenges!

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NEW: Ankelz taking on challenges! Empty NEW: Ankelz taking on challenges!

Post  Ankelz on Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:13 pm

Yooooo what is up people!

I recently received consulting from the cast over at and they created a whole game plan on how I can better not only myself, but PROG Co as well.

So with that said, I have done quite a few different things in order to get this started. One thing I am doing is that I am starting up a series of videos that deal with answering to your challenges that you guys give me. It can be any type of idea that:

• You think that I can NOT make happen. [ I really want a challenge ]
• You think that I would have a nice vision to make. [ Like I can turn it into some crazy video idea ]
• Would force me to get creative and do something I don't normally do. [ Ex. create / buy costumes ]
• You think that I don't have the balls to do. [Because I got them haha ]

*Please keep in mind that comedy has a huge influence on who I am as a person, so embrace that majority will deal with that*

I have already received 1 challenge from the Making Moves Cast, and that was to dress up in the Making Moves cow mascot and be featured in a video with Youtube Viral star Brett Broski from My New Haircut. I also gave myself a challenge, and you'll see it soon up on the New Youtube Channel

I am looking forward to all of your challenges, but please don't try and give me a script to follow, or anything super specific. I want simple things that are like straight to the point, that I can just expand on.

But let's get started folks! Post your idea's below! If your idea gets expanded on, we will give you a creative shout within the video, and if you are local enough, maybe even a featured spot if you want it!

If you do not want to register on this forum just to post your idea, you can also head to THIS TOPIC for guest to post.


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