What Happen To OuttahOrderWednesdays?

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What Happen To OuttahOrderWednesdays? Empty What Happen To OuttahOrderWednesdays?

Post  Ankelz on Wed May 19, 2010 2:00 am

"Yo Ankelz Man, it's another Wednesday, where them OuttahOrderWednesdays videos at son?"

Well, peeps, life is all about trial and error, as long as you learn from not only your mistakes, but others as well, you will just rack up on intelligence, Nahmeen?

But if you were a fan of them OuttahOrderWednesdays and was expecting episodes in the last two weeks, don't fear, I am not canceling the series, I am simply just learning from my mistakes and becoming more of a professional with it!

Lets just say that the 5 Episodes that I put out was just the first season, and I am working on a second season. A lot of the times I would wait until every tuesday to do all filming and editing, then may run into some rendering problems, then it caused me to uploading the video late Wednesday or even Thursday! Unprofessional, nahmeen?

So what I am going to do is pre-record, edit and render about 10 videos with all the crazy OuttahOrderness that I have to server, and then let you guys know a launch date so things aren't so sloppy and PROG Co. keeps that professional image!


I Thank All For Reading!


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