Level 9 Top Secret Code of Conduct Type Info

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Level 9 Top Secret Code of Conduct Type Info

Post  Ankelz on Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:52 pm

So generally I don't really like to share future videos that I am thinking about directing for many reasons, BUT I am deciding to let all members on the PROG Forums know so you all can know what to look out for.

Well first of all, I have like over 15 scripts written out, but as of now, here are the few that I have planned to produce *Note I won't give out the titles*

• A skit that makes a joke about abstinence

• A skit parodying the Popular movie Inception

• A skit Making fun of Lam eass Facebook

• Slowly working on my next PROGenge Skit

• & we are supposed to be working on the Christmas skit, but at the time our team is looking at, who knows the future of that.

Hope you enjoyed this Level 9 Top Secret Code of Conduct Type Info, be on the lookout.

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